Who are we?
Growth Welfare Organization (GWO) is registered “DSW (3590)-K” NGO based in Karachi Pakistan, a Joint Endeavor of people from variant spheres of life such as “Businessmen, Professionals, Doctors, Teachers, Mentors, Trainers, Social Workers, Social Activists, Journalists, Parents, House Wives and Volunteers”, who believe in giving back to the Society, have pain for the Humanity and are Committed and Dedicated to help the Deserving and Needy people with Integrity, Honesty and Sincerity. We have no affiliation with any “Ethnic Group, Political or Religious Party”.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to Educate, Empower and Self Sufficient to the Common People without any discrimination of Religion, Caste, Creed, Color, and Language under any circumstances, so that they are able to live their lives respectfully and peacefully.

Our Key Focus Areas

  1. Formal and Informal Education
  2. Physical and Mental Health
  3. Awareness of Human Rights
  4. Against Violence and Terrorism
  5. Job Opportunities

Aims & Objectives

  1. Empower of Unprivileged People
  2. Develop Civic Sense in People
  3. Educate People related to their Rights and Power
  4. Activate People Realizing their Potential & Importance
  5. Train People to Earn Respectfully
  6. Motivate Mothers to Learn More Purposefully
  7. Groom Husbands to Give Freedom to their Wives for their Better Future
  8. Prepare and Develop Literature for People
  9. Provide Micro Funding to Skilled People
  10. Help Victims of Any Violence or Terrorism

Growth Welfare Organization (GWO) envisions Educated, Enlightened, Tolerant, Peaceful and Progressive Society, and we always look for like minded people to join us in this great cause, after all we owe to our society.